Summer Ends And University Begins

Summer has come and gone pretty quickly but we managed to visit family and even go to the Japan Festival held in Mississauga for a short while before we got rained out. We wanted to stick around longer but since it was an outdoor event we got pretty soaked. My daughter, however, managed to find a pretty yukata she liked and loved wearing it. We still enjoyed our time there regardless of how short it was. My husband was happy to at least see some live taiko drumming for the first time.

My little girl in her yukata and snuggling her new friend!

So I’m currently in my second week of university and it has been quite the change for my entire family. My husband’s work schedule rotates between evenings and days so he has been getting up early to see both my daughter and me off to school. I wake up crazy early to start my mornings now because not only do I have to make sure my daughter is ready for school I now have to get myself ready and out the door. It’s been pretty hectic but that’s to be expected when there is a big change.

University has been great so far! I’m enjoying my Japanese language class and my Culture and Society in East Asia class seems interesting. Japanese class is certainly fast-paced so I have to study very regularly. I found out that my university offers a Minor in Japanese Studies so I’ll definitely be looking into signing up for that. It’s been so long since I attended a school that I’m a bit nervous about writing papers but the school offers lots of help in the Writing Center. I think I’ll be visiting there often while I get the hang of academic papers and essays.

That’s it for now! I’ll be updating again soon!