Japan Crate *DokiDoki*


Today I thought I would talk about something a bit more fun for those of you who like to see cute items from Japan. I’m sure some have already have heard of Japan Crate. It’s a subscription site where you pay monthly to receive a box or goods from Japan! The type of goods you get depend on your subscription choice. I just recently started the DokiDoki subscription and so far have gotten a parcel for July and August. Since I have a little girl at home I thought she would enjoy some of the things that would come with this subscription so we enjoy opening it together and sharing what is inside.

Here is a picture showing just some of the items (not all) that we have gotten in the past two months.


Again there is a bit more that was included I just didn’t get a chance to photograph them. I personally enjoy the subscription and may even get another in the future for my husband. His subscription would be for the すごい (sugoi) Crate because he loves trying new snacks. They have other types as well. If you enjoy trying out new beauty products they have the KiraKira Crate and if you love noodles they also have the Umai Crate.

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself you can head on over to www.japancrate.com and have a look. I’m pretty sure you can cancel your subscription at anytime if you find you don’t enjoy the service. Also if you are trying it out for the first time I suggest heading to www.groupon.com since they sometimes have deals on first time subscribers. Just make sure to read all the instructions first to make sure you use the deal correctly.

So is there any fun ways you like to try out items from Japan? Feel free to comment any tips, suggestions or advice!


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