Starting Over

I’ve had a love for Japanese language and culture since I was very young but living in a small town growing up made it hard for me to learn the language. I was determined to one day study and become fluent in Japanese and that want has never gone away.

At twenty-one my husband and I made the decision to move from the East Coast of Canada to Ontario where we currently live. Being so close to Toronto gave me the opportunity to attend local language classes and begin my journey to learning Japanese. I did quite well for a while, I even took a trip to Japan with my best friend however my mental health issues, parenthood and some personal losses took its toll on me and I put aside learning Japanese feeling at the time it was pointless to pursue.

After some time and taking care of myself I’ve decided to get back on track and work towards my goal of fluency. I am keeping this blog mostly for myself to write about my progress. I’ll be starting from the beginning since I’ve forgotten so much that I had already learned. Feel free to follow along! I’m going to do my best to write about my learning experience, review materials and even post about some fun local cultural events! I apologize now for any poor grammar and spelling mistakes. I swear it’s been forever since I’ve written anything and I think I suffer from mommy brain most days which means I’m usually half asleep and super forgetful.

Enjoy and good luck to fellow learners!




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